Author of Science Fiction & Fantasy

Sanctuary Has Fallen

As civil war strides through Morica, the lives of three diverse people become intertwined in the machinations of governments, gods, and demons: Prince Brumaine, along with his brother, seeking to overthrow his father for control of the country, Private Zair, a young soldier in Morica’s army who serves as a courier for the king, and Esca, daughter of a local healer, and a bystander in the neighboring neutral country of Fermia.

As the war rages, players from other countries enter the fray, and the interjection of three powerful demons seeking refuge makes the battle much more than father-king against princeling sons. Through it all, both Esca and Zair are encumbered with one more difficulty, the blossoming of their ability to use magic which is illegal in both their homelands. Should either be discovered it could prove fatal.

Deep in political intrigue, wavering alliances, and strained relationships, this is a novel for those who love epic fantasy in its truest form where countries, peoples, and the laws of the lands hang in a precarious balance.

This book is to be released May 20, 2023. For pre-orders you can get it at AMAZON