Author of Science Fiction & Fantasy

Requiem For A Genocide

JAK037 is a warbot.

Built for the sole purpose of killing the enemies of Dalrea, he has survived longer than any other and is the last of his generation still in operation. Being the last JAK model, he is simply referred to as Jak, no unit number necessary. When word comes of a treaty with their nemesis, Carthia, Jak holds out hope his final days will be ones without war. It is with disappointment he learns the treaty is so a new front can be opened against a race of settlers from another world.


In the coming conflict, can Jak and his comrades of aged warbots survive against an enemy with superior technology? In a mission to wipe out the settlers, will it succeed? Or will Jak’s days finally be numbered. With the aid of a human child, a seven-year-old girl named Hannah, Jak hopes to end the war and save his people from what he believes is a looming disaster. It’s a race where not only humans but Carthians, Dalreans, robotic laws, and his own failing body all conspire to stop him.

This book is to be released December 1st, 2021. For pre-orders you can get it at AMAZON

The book is certainly science fiction, but in the contemporary mode, where the emphasis is more on the characters and the situation, and less on the intricacies of the science. At a high level, the story is nicely structured, with a solid introduction, a rapidly paced and logically developing story, and a satisfying conclusion. The author has a straightforward writing style that makes the book a surprisingly fast read, particularly given the level of detail of some of the scenes. 5 STARS – Jack Kuhn, Author of the scifi Tomorrow’s Wilderness series.

The author cleverly provides a duality to his storyline. I think Socrates would have enjoyed the book and the development of a values system. 5 STARS – William Bentrim, Author of 40 children’s books and the scifi Kiku’s Quest.

The first-“person” narrative gives us a chance to see into JAK’s mind, and what I loved most about the book was his intelligent and down-to-earth philosophical musing about things like war, ethics, free will, and life in general. 5 STARS – Angie Boyter, Amazon Vine Voice ranked in the top 1000 of Amazon’s ranked reviewers.